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New Daytime and evening Tai Chi and Qigong Zoom classes starting now- Buqiworks Bristol and Bath News Spring 2021

Hello and welcome to Spring 2021 to all students and friends!

If you would like to join a new Tai Chi or Qigong/Taijiwuxigong class there are new classes on Tuesday evening(Qigong) and Thursday morning (Tai Chi ) email to join. For those who would like to join a Tai Chi evening class.. please email to sign up for a Wednesday evening 


Click on the timetable above to see sessions happening now and go to the classes page for all links or email me for further information and to book.

This website is now under the process of being updated so keep watching for lots of new content and photos! click on the timetable above to see sessions happening now

 Now available

Buqi Treatments -Also now available in person, outside, or in large indoor space.

Available with me via remote healing on Zoom. Mentoring , healing, Qigong therapy   0781 566 2844 or email me at

See Buqi  from the drop down menu for more details about this type of therapy

Private Lessons 

Anyone wishing to have a private lesson (Tai Chi or Taijiwuxigong) can contact me.  Lessons can be taken  one to one on Zoom or weather permitting one to one in an outdoor setting.  Tel 0781 566 2844 or email me at

Zoom Classes

All my work is now on Zoom, however as soon as the weather permits…

I will be scheduling  outdoor sessions, weekend courses and retreats in the coming few months

Please check the classes page for dates and times

Weekend Workshops will resume once it is warm enough to work outside SPRING 2021

I am looking at Venues for a summer retreat/camp and have a couple of invitations to teach at centres for weekend courses so watch this space.


Please email for more details and to book

Taijiwuxigong is a complete Qigong system based on Tai Chi principles and is a development of the self healing aspect of Tai chi practice. Taijiwuxigong can refresh and heal the whole self. The exercises are simple and enjoyable to learn but have a profound effect, helping to clear old emotional information, detoxifying the physical body, improving energy levels and promoting improved health and a sense of well being’

All Welcome



To be confirmed

Times on the day:

To be confirmed

To book, call me on 07815662844 or email me at Or you can register via the link but payment must be made in advance unless you are all ready a student of mine. Please pay via Pay Pal using the email, email or text me for bank details, or if you would like to pay in cash, then contact me to arrange




Kind Regards Sarah B