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Hello. My name is Sarah Bartlett

I have run a private teaching practice for the past twenty three years and regularly give classes, weekend courses, one to one sessions, talks and retreats. I teach Tai chi and Taijiwuxigong (A Qigong system) and am a therapist working mainly with Buqi and Tuina massage.

I also run classes supported by the Bristol Parkinson’s organisation and have worked in drug and alcohol rehab, women’s refuges, for Bristol Mind and with various other organisations over the years, supporting people with a wide variety of mental, physical and emotional conditions.

My story

I went to my first Tai chi class thirty two years ago. Whilst many people come to Tai Chi through martial arts wishing to further their skills, it seems that more come for stress relief and for the health benefits. Although I had studied some Aikido and was interested in martial arts my health was the issue.  After a long period of illness I had had an operation that removed 9/10th’s of my thyroid gland. I was still unwell, not least with the health consequences of such an extreme solution. Always, underlying my physical illness, was deep emotional ‘dis-ease.’ I sought help from many different sources including Counsellors, Yoga Teachers, NLP Teachers, ‘Food for health’ and also did a lot of self-study (through reading etc)  Although I learnt many wonderful things, I still felt I was not getting to the root of my problems. At the suggestion of a friend I joined the Natural Way Tai Chi School, with a well-respected teacher, Alan Peck.

I went every week for five years and studied all the aspects of Tai chi that Alan taught.  Occasionally, Alan invited other teachers and one evening I saw a Buqi healing demonstration by Tai Chi Grandmaster Dr Shen Hongxun, founder of the Buqi Institute based in Belgium. I was very interested, but didn’t really understand what I had witnessed. A few weeks later, Dr Shen’s daughter, Master Shen Jin, came to Bristol to teach Taijiwuxigong, the Qigong system developed by her father. The fact that she was a woman was very inspiring to me, as most teachers I came into contact with were men. I decided to go and try it out. I went with an open mind since I knew very little about it. The weekend was a personal turning point. I found the effects of the exercises extremely powerful.  Shen Jin awakened me to the practice and was a wonderful teacher. The beneficial effects lasted long after the course. The next time I met Dr Shen I attended a five day Chan meditation course with him and subsequently became a dedicated student of his for over sixteen years until his death in 2011. It was only through meeting and studying with Dr Shen and Shen Jin that my emotional, physical and mental health began to change in a profound and significant way. My study became a far more dynamic experience, which I began to live rather than ‘do.’ I noticed changes in myself, subtle at first and then, more dramatic as I absorbed the information, did the exercises and studied the philosophy behind it. Dr Shen brought everything he taught alive.

The element of Tai Chi that really began to turn my life around was Dr Shen’s practice known as Taijiwuxigong.

Taijiwuxigong is a complete Qigong health system.  All the basic principles are from Tai Chi. Tai Chi can be developed for fighting, self-healing or healing others. Taijiwuxigong focuses on the self-healing element. Exercises can be done sitting, standing or lying down. Understanding the link between illness, emotion and posture is the basis. I was able to release emotionally traumatic information that I had been carrying since childhood (which had developed into all sorts of adult problems) and this positively impacted my health on all levels and fundamentally changed the way I interacted with others

I began to see my own part in my suffering. This empowered me and I felt I could start to step into my own shoes. The teaching expanded my consciousness, encouraged me to keep learning how to be the best of myself, and to ‘stand tall’ and feel steady within. It is good to feel safe with oneself!  This steadiness helps to develop compassion and love.

It is actually impossible to fully describe the experience of learning with a Lineage holding  Master such as Dr Shen as much of the teaching was non -verbal. It was both a transmission and awakening of information that is there, unlimited, for us all. Each of us is special, full of gifts and possibility. A skilful system and a good teacher can help but we have to do the practice. The theory can then come alive and understanding become more than intellectual

Dr Shen was my spiritual father, the guide I had asked for and was blessed to meet.

Every memory I have of him is filled with gratitude, laughter, love, awe and joy.

Thank you for reading

I look forward to meeting you

My areas of study

Yang style short form and long forms, Da Lu, San shou, Tui shou, Sword form,

Taiji 37 form,  Taiji 37 (Tai Chi standing postures developing internal force), Taijiwuxigong (Spontaneous movement for health and happiness), Wuxi meditation, Chan meditation, Taiji Forces, Double Spirit Phenomenon, some of the E-Mei System, Dragon daoyin, Sound daoyin, Lying down Daoyin, Animal Daoyin, Yi Jin daoyin

Buqi therapy. Including Diagnosis, Treatment techniques and Clinical practice. After completion of case studies and examination (as well as a course in Adverse Reactions and an extra year’s study of Buqi Tuina massage), I qualified as a Buqi therapist in 2001

School of Tai Chi and Qigong