About Me

Soon to be updated September 15th 2020

My name is Sarah. I have been teaching for twenty years and studying Tai Chi for twenty eight years. I would like to talk about how I came to be a Buqi practitioner and Taijiwuxigong instructor.

In 1993, aged 27 I had an operation to remove my thyroid gland. At this time I really didn’t know where to turn. I had tried various alternative remedies for my condition but none had helped in any significant way. I felt ill, mentally, emotionally and physically. A friend suggested I try Tai Chi. I didn’t know much about it but decided I’d give it a go. I started my study of Tai Chi in Bristol at the Natural Way Tai Chi school, learning Yang style Short form with a well respected teacher of some twenty years standing, Alan Peck. Tai Chi did not offer an immediate, dramatic change to my well being, but it provided me with an anchor. Slowly, over time, the benefits became more and more apparent. Also it was truly fascinating. I studied short form, long form, sword form, Tuishou((push hands), Da lu and Sanshou with Alan, becoming more and more interested in the practice. It wasn’t simply the health benefits or the martial arts interest: I found a focus for a more spiritual investigation.

In 1997, I saw a leaflet for a self healing practice called Taijiwuxigong. The teacher was Master Shen Jin, Dr Shen Hongxun’s daughter. I decided to go and try it out. I went with an open mind since I knew nothing about it. The weekend was a turning point for me. I found the effects of the exercises extremely powerful and yet simple to practice. Shen Jin was a truly wonderful teacher. The effects lasted long after the course. This was the beginning of my Buqi journey, a journey that is constantly unfolding.

In the past sixteen years, with Dr Shen and Shen Jin, I have studied Taiji 37 (Tai Chi standing postures developing internal force), Taijiwuxigong (Spontaneous movement for health and happiness), Wuxi meditation, Taiji Forces, Double Spirit Phenomenon, Ye Jin and Buqi therapy. Included in the Buqi course were various elements comprising, Daoyin therapy (Sound , Lying down, Animal and Dragon daoyin) as well as Diagnosis, Treatment techniques and Clinical practice. After completion of case studies and examination (as well as a course in Adverse Reactions and an extra year’s study of Buqi Tuina massage), I qualified as a Buqi therapist. I continue to explore through ongoing study with Buqi as well as through some of my own interests including history of religion, philosophy, sociology, psychology, physics, music, Buddhism and Taoism.. I believe however, that as much as I study through reading, the true experience of this practice can only be understood by physically taking part. It is at this point that the theory becomes alive and understanding becomes more than intellectual.

I believe that Buqi is the most complete system I have encountered. I have found that it helps me when dealing with all of life’s many ups and down’s. My health is dramatically improved, and through its practice, I have found a path to a natural spirituality. I am deeply committed.. I qualified as a Buqi therapist twelve years ago. Since receiving permission to teach Taijwuxigong, I run both weekly classes and weekend courses. I have worked with drug addiction (Barleywood house treatment centre), the elderly, teenagers, Bristol Mind, Bristol Parkinson’s Society and of course all my fantastic regular students. I really enjoy teaching, not only because I have the chance to introduce people to this impeccable practice, but also, the opportunity to learn greater patience and compassion, through the many different interactions teaching brings.

I have been greatly blessed with all my teachers and thank them with all my heart.