Day Courses and half day courses will resume when the weather gets warmer and we can move outside

To book and pay please email me or txt to 0781 566 2844

Practicing outside really enhances the experience of Taijiwuxigong, particularly if we have privacy, so look out for outdoor sessions scheduled as soon as the weather iglstonburys warmer.

Qigong and Tai Chi  Picnics in Bristol, Bath and Glastonbury!

All will be  welcome regardless of age, experience, or physical ability. We will focus  on how you can really make the exercises work for you. I have now been studying the Buqi system and Taijiwuxigong for twenty eight years and its relevance to my life is even more powerful today. I have learnt so much from practicing this system and the knowledge I have gained has supported and held me through some difficult times as well as dramatically improving my health and sense of well being. I hope that I will be able to convey my enthusiasm and deep love for the knowledge to you and that many more of you will reap the benefits!

I look forward to meeting new students 
Come and explore Buqi techniques for health on all levels, for mental and emotional healing, clarity and connection..
Change and health benefits can begin immediately As we refine our physical, energetic and mental information and also learn how to be both receptive to and to utilize external forces more effectively, we can begin to understand ourselves as incredibly subtle and powerful information systems receiving and transmitting highly refined information moment to moment. Through this practice we seek to bring into balance all the dynamics available to us. In addition to improved well being on all levels,, we can experience times of deep internal peace, enabling us to be receptive to a wider scope of information, enhancing our understanding of ourselves, of others and of our experiences. We face many challenges as human beings.  Buqi study can be a great support and an agency for change – a practice of great wisdom, unlimited in possibility, as are we!
Buqi practice explores all the developments of the art of Tai chi, (with particular focus on its development for self healing and healing of others and can help with many human concerns). Physically and emotionally we can use the techniques to help us find balance and healing, encouraging us to treat ourselves and all life with humour, kindness and grace….Intention is important.

Wishing you all a wonderful Year of the Ox!

Kind Regards Sarah B