Hello and welcome to Buqiworks school of Tai chi and Qigong.

My name is Sarah Bartlett. I am based in Bristol in the UK and have been exploring Tai Chi and related fields of study since 1991   The disciplines I teach have roots in Taoist, Buddhist and Chinese medical traditions and through their practice, it is possible to heal and learn about ourselves in a very deep and holistic way. 

I offer weekly Tai Chi or Taijiwuxigong classes, weekend courses, Buqi therapy and healing retreats and you can attend in person or online. In addition I work with Face to Face and Bristol Parkinson’s organisation offering weekly Tai chi exercise therapy sessions and a Sound healing and singing workshop for people with Parkinsons. I have often worked with other ‘specific condition’ organizations over the years.

  You can book me for talks, demonstrations and events, corporate workshops and lectures as well as private sessions and therapy

Whether you choose Tai chi or Taijiwuxigong(Qigong) and join one of my groups, or would prefer to start with some Buqi therapy and work with me one to one, the experience of working with this practice can truly help you to effect change; healing and clearing emotional trauma, developing or correcting physical movement and posture, improving debilitating health conditions, reducing stress and anxiety, and quietening your mind and opening your heart  

I look forward to meeting you!

Invisible, with no form,

The whole body transparent and empty

Give yourself to nature as a huge rock

suspending in mid-air on the western mountain does.

Like a roaring tiger, a hooting monkey,

Clear water, a quiet river.

Overturning rivers and seas,

Turn yourself around and stand in a new life

School of Tai Chi and Qigong