A student practising taijiwuxigong
A student practising Taijiwuxigong

I hope that you will find this website helpful, informative and interesting!

Using the drop down menu at the top, you can find out how to join Tai Chi or Qigong (Taijiwuxigong self healing) classes and courses.  You will also find information on Buqi therapy and  Buqi Tuina (Massage therapy)  and how to book treatments.  I run private classes, weekend sessions, one to one sessions, retreats and work for the Parkinson’s society,  I offer courses of study for specific groups and Corporate Packages, sometimes in conjunction with other teachers. I also work as a Public Speaker both in a scholarly capacity, and in a more informal, story- telling style.  If you would like to book me for an event, come to a class or receive healing and therapy please use the booking form, or contact me directly by email, via the ‘Contact me’ section of the drop down menu.

NB Online classes via Zoom and outdoor sessions in Bath and Bristol (undercover)are now available.

Many of us are now living longer and have the opportunity to access and explore a variety of practices and methods to maintain well-being and mobility.   Working life and family concerns, diet and environment often place great demands upon our physical, emotional and mental health and diseases are constantly evolving.  Healthcare too is evolving.  These days it is not uncommon to find complimentary practitioners working alongside conventional doctors.  We like to understand how we can help ourselves,  practice preventative measures and have options for our healthcare

It is possible, through the study of Tai chi and Qigong to heal and learn about ourselves in a very deep and holistic way.  Taijiquan was originally developed as a martial art, -often known as the ‘ultimate’ martial art. It requires assiduous practice, a good teacher and aptitude, to develop the high level of skill and awareness needed to be used effectively in combat. However,  that level of skill, (and ability to understand and utilize the human body and mind) also produces a huge health benefit, which has been developed, through the years,  by many Tai Chi masters.  Tai Chi is now renowned in particular for this health aspect and offers a unique, effective and exiting way to study mind, body and spirit. For more information on learning Tai Chi with me, please use the drop down menu and click on the Tai chi page.

My Root Lama, Dr Shen Hongxun (Lama Fo Re) was a Tai Chi Grandmaster and most of what  I teach is informed by the Buqi system  that he devised. Dr Shen explored all the elements of Taijiquan throughout his life.  He also studied meditation and spiritual practice and his knowledge of Western medicine and work as both a hospital director and specialized research into various health conditions, all led to his eventual masterful creation of the Buqi system  Dr Shen developed both healing others (Buqi therapy). and self-healing.(Taijiwuxigong) to a very high level of effectiveness.

Taijiwuxigong practice is precise, its exercises optimal, making  profound concepts accessible to everyone. It allows great freedom.  Dr Shen’s lifelong dedication to research, means students can begin to  experience benefits quickly.

Many practices invite us to ‘transform,’  In fact,  by clearing enough ‘sick information’  and activating various functions of body and mind,  we can heal trauma,  learn something deeper about who we are and feel ‘steady:’ able to propagate kindness and be the best of ourselves.  We can clear and heal emotional content,  improve our posture, balance and flexibility, stimulate our immunity function, promote healthy hormonal activity and regulate our nervous system.  Alignment of the body, clarity of mind and a more peaceful heart are all possible to move towards and achieve with good practice.  There can also be a more spiritual dimension to the experience. For more detailed information about how Taijiwuxigong works, please use the drop down menu at the top of the page.

You can read more about Dr Shen on his dedicated page and about my personal journey and years as his student on the About Me page.

As I write this, I have been studying Taijiquan and the Buqi system for twenty eight years and teaching and healing for nearly twenty.  I have learnt so much from actively using the knowledge given to me and have never lost my passion for learning more. I hope that I may meet you and look forward to passing on this wonderful practice.

Below is a poem from the beginning of Dr Shen’s Taiji 37  hand book.

Invisible, with no form,

The whole body transparent and empty

Give yourself to nature as a huge rock

suspending in mid-air on the western mountain does.

Like a roaring tiger, a hooting monkey,

Clear water, a quiet river.

Overturning rivers and seas,

Turn yourself around and stand in a new life