Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi?

The full study of Tai Chi has great breadth of appeal being martial, philosophical, creative, meditative, spiritual and therapeutic. In the past it was kept as a secret discipline available only to certain families of influence, wealth and culture. Although famous as a martial art it has been taught in the West mainly as an exercise for health benefits and individual well-being.

I began my study of Tai Chi in 1992. I had been very ill and a friend of mine suggested I try a class. I attended classes of a few different styles and teachers before settling with Alan Peck, a well respected Bristol based teacher of the Yang style. Whilst with Alan I studied short form , long form, sword, push hands and san shou.

Through Alan, I met Dr Shen Hongxun and began to study Taijiwuxigong, the exercise technique of the Buqi system. Subsequently, I also studied some Taiji37, Meditation and Buqi Therapy. As a result of Dr Shen’s incredibly detailed and skilled teaching I have come to understand that the internal and external forces generated through the standing postures of the Taiji 37 system can be developed for fighting, healing oneself and healing others.. Whilst most people understand Tai Chi as practiced through forms, it is the continuous and proper study of the correct standing postures that helps to generate spontaneous movement. This movement, once controlled, can be developed into the different kinds of Tai Chi forces. Dr Shen has a profound understanding of these Taiji forces ,known as Taijijin. My interest, is to develop a greater understanding of taijijin and their uses, as this is the essence of Taijiquan and the foundation of Buqi

The benefits

Tai Chi is a lifetime practice, however benefits to mind and body can be felt almost immediately. More information will be forthcoming shortly.

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