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A student practising taijiwuxigong
A student practising taijiwuxigong

In this website you can read about a healing and self healing practice known as Buqi . You will also find information about Tai Chi and Taijiwuxigong classes and courses and where to book either Buqi Treatments, or Massage therapy (Buqi Tuina).

Complimentary therapies are much talked about in the media these days. There have been numerous programmes testing the efficacy of different practices. Are people being conned?

If this is not the case and some practices are working, what is actually going on? It is certainly true that huge numbers of people are looking for alternative ways to approach their health and many do find something that works for them. Some people find that through one practice or another their lives are transformed.

Often the effectiveness of a particular treatment is difficult to judge, since many complimentary practitioners are treating people for whom conventional Western treatment is not working. We are rightly concerned about the possible side effects of many of the drugs offered by doctors, particularly in the areas of emotional and mental well-being. People realise that illness starts somewhere and that it makes sense to both aim to find and treat, the root causes of disease, as well as learning the tools for prevention.

Many ‘alternative’ treatments and practices are Eastern in origin and attract those of us who want a more holistic approach to health and understanding of the psyche. Indeed many treatments are now very much the mainstream and offered by some GP’s and outpatient departments. It is undeniable that our approach to health has changed as we have become more able to make informed choices. The way forward is through sharing the knowledge and wisdom of both East and West.

Buqi therapy is, I believe, second to none in creating this cooperation and sharing of knowledge. Developed by Tai Chi Grandmaster and Lama Dr Shen Hongxun, Buqi is a masterly practice. It offers the possibility of both treatment by a trained practitioner and the opportunity to learn a powerful Qigong self healing practice (Taijiwuxigong). Dr Shen has created a starting point for exploring our health and ourselves, through basic physiological understanding. Far from being a reduction of a vast wealth of knowledge, Buqi practice is precise, making many profound concepts accessible to all. This allows beginners to experience benefits quickly. Buqi operates on many levels and offers a unique and exiting way for us to explore mind, body and spirit.

A Way to Health and Happiness