The Taijiwuxigong System

Taijiwuxigong is a powerful and enjoyable way for us to influence our own health and is an important aspect of the Buqi system for both patient and healer. The exercises were developed from Taijiquan standing postures. After introducing single postures to elderly students who were having difficulty remembering the Tai chi form, Dr Shen noticed that some students began to move spontaneously. Regularly practicing these postures resulted in a significant improvement in their overall health. Extensive research led to a major discovery; that spontaneous movement can be intentionally activated. This discovery and further development led to the creation of Taijiwuxigong.

What is spontaneous movement?

Spontaneous movement is occurring within the body all the time. Breathing, the pumping of the heart and peristalsis all spontaneously happen without any conscious control. Our auto regulatory system is also spontaneous. For example, when we’re tired we yawn and stretch the spine and when our eyes get dry, we blink. When these natural functions become impaired, sickness occurs. Metabolic waste can build up and this combined with poor body posture and negative emotional information creates a vicious cycle leading to illness and imbalance. Exercise, using special body posture in combination with a specific way of breathing and mental attitude, can result in spontaneous movement which spreads throughout the body cleansing the entire energetic network. One key aspect of our body’s spontaneous movement is the vibration force of the cells. Unhealthy cells vibrate at a different frequency to healthy cells and it is possible that by influencing the cells vibration rate we can in turn influence and regulate their frequency. This may then create the circumstances needed for healing. Another essential element of spontaneous movement, is the vibration of Earth force. Different standing, sitting and lying down exercises are used to connect with this force.

In order to receive spontaneous movement, the dantian has to be activated. The dantian is the key to our energy system. The dantian is located in the area of the lower abdomen. It is often referred to as ‘the second brain’ as many important physiological processes take place in this area, including those of the nervous, immune and hormonal systems. The vibration created by an active dantian can spread throughout the whole body, having a cleansing effect on the meridians and organs.

A Taijiwuxigong class

During a Taijiwuxigong class you will be encouraged to develop detailed knowledge of your own capacity for self-healing. The teacher will guide the student through a series of exercises known as Wuxi Daoyin and use them in combination with spontaneous movement exercises. Wuxi Daoyin help to stretch the spinal column, increase flexibility in the joints and ligaments and improve the ability to focus the mind. They also create a balance after the deep relaxation of a spontaneous movement exercise. Taijiwuxigong works deep in the body without causing impact or strain. Sitting, standing and lying down exercises are used and some breathing techniques are taught.

What problems can Taijiwuxigong help?

Taijiwuxigong works upon the physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual levels, It is therefore highly effective in improving not only common conditions such as asthma, primary hypertension, bronchitis and arthritis, but also many more chronic conditions, even those for which Western and traditional Oriental medicine have not found a cure.

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