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Each session can be taken ina nd of itself or you can come to all as part of a course of study.

More than 2000 years ago, Daoyin specialists in China were teaching breathing techniques in order to prevent and also to treat illness. These techniques continued to develop in the Sui dynasty (581-618) and in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). In books they are often called the ‘six characters method’ (as the name of each method was depicted by one Chinese character), which we translate to ‘the six breathing techniques.’ Another technique is the ‘five sounds technique.’ The producing of each sound is linked to one of the five organs. Exercises using the five sounds use sound waves to open the body’s channels and meridians. The sound waves also cause vibration in the organs and tissues, which is beneficial in the treatment of problems in the relevant areas. Different sounds can be used to precisely target specific areas and the organs, wherever there is a malfunction. Good results can often be achieved in a short time.
Whilst the Sound Daoyin contains many references to singing, it also applies to all who need to make good use of their voice and can help with many issues regarding loss of voice and problems with voice projection. Singing can be described as ‘exalted speech.’ When using these exercises for health and healing we are not necessarily interested in the beauty of the sound, more that we learn the correct breathing techniques and use of the body cavities to produce sound. All exercise involves three components: mind, movement and breath. Sound and breathing, breathing and sound are inseparable.
For more information about the latest research in the use of sound and vibration for healing see…/

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Topic: Sound Daoyiñ – Part two
Time: Feb 24, 2024 10:15 AM London

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Further Course for the Summer Term

Saturday 25th of May

Come and expand MIND, BODY and VOICE with the VAST UK Team -Sound Daoyin, Taijiwuxigong and Singing with Sarah and Jo + Guest Musicians

Sarah Bartlett is a highly experienced Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor and Buqi Therapist. She has 32 years of Tai Chi training and was a dedicated student of thelate lineage holder and internationally renowned Tai Chi Grandmaster Dr ShenHongxun. Over the past 23 years, Sarah has run her own successful private teachingpractice offering courses, retreats and 1:1 therapy. She has also worked for a wide variety of organisations including many years with Bristol Parkinson’s. As a musician,  Sarah has sung with Pee Wee Ellis (James Brown’s band), members of Black Roots,Talisman and Jungle Red and with some of the top Jazz and Soul session musicians in Bristol.

Jo Levine is a qualified and experienced Music Therapist and is registered with theHealth Professions Council. She has worked with people with a very wide range of complex needs, in the NHS, schools and community settings. Jo has also taught Piano and Piano Accordion for over 25 years, as a freelance tutor in her own studio, in schools, and at Bath University. As a performer, Jo has played Piano Accordion with bands at many festivals and events including Glastonbury and WOMAD, and in music and dance shows supported by Arts Council England.


Saturdays June 22nd and July 20th 2024

To book and pay please email me or txt to 0781 566 2844

I look forward to meeting new students 
Come and explore Buqi techniques for health on all levels, for mental and emotional healing, clarity and connection..
Change and health benefits can begin immediately As we refine our physical, energetic and mental information and also learn how to be both receptive to and to utilize external forces more effectively, we can begin to understand ourselves as incredibly subtle and powerful information systems receiving and transmitting highly refined information moment to moment. Through this practice we seek to bring into balance all the dynamics available to us. In addition to improved well being on all levels,, we can experience times of deep internal peace, enabling us to be receptive to a wider scope of information, enhancing our understanding of ourselves, of others and of our experiences. We face many challenges as human beings.  Buqi study can be a great support and an agency for change – a practice of great wisdom, unlimited in possibility, as are we!
Buqi practice explores all the developments of the art of Tai chi, (with particular focus on its development for self healing and healing of others and can help with many human concerns). Physically and emotionally we can use the techniques to help us find balance and healing, encouraging us to treat ourselves and all life with humour, kindness and grace….Intention is important.

Wishing you all a wonderful Year of the Dragon!

Kind Regards Sarah B

School of Tai Chi and Qigong